Dark Spots on Face Removal Tips

Dark Spots on Face

I recall getting out of a tanning bed and while cleaning it, catching sight of myself in the mirror. I noticed a patch of spots on my forehead that were darker than the surrounding skin. I dismissed it as tanning lotion, finished my cleaning and went on about my business. Well, three years later and they’re still there.

I started looking into dark spots on face areas and trying to figure out what mine were. I knew right away that I had acquired a bit o’ melasma, and it’s normally caused by sun damage, as many other causes of dark spots on face areas. Faced with this revelation, I knew that proper sun care was the priority from now on, as many sufferers of other sun induced conditions quickly realize.

After speaking with my dermatologist, we began exploring treatment for my unsightly sun damage. Dark spots on face areas can manifest in many different ways, but they are all typically removed in the same sorts of manners. Age spots removal, for instance, just like my condition, usually starts with a prescription cream, hydroquinone. Chemical peels for age spots are also popular treatment options, although likely substantially more expensive than a tub or tube of creamy goodness. Dark spots on face areas can also be corrected with all sorts of fancy gadgetry that, for the right price, can prove a quicker method of treatment than traditional skin bleaching goo. Photorejuvenation is a method by which light is used to literally make intentional boo boos where the dark spots on face areas in an effort to promote controlled healing with fresh, new skin. Home remedies exist but are largely unproven.

Some practical tips for dark spots on face include stopping the damage before it gets worse. No matter what you call your dark spots, removing them only gets harder as they get older and darker. Taking proper precautions will ensure that you don’t get any new ones, and that your existing ones are stopped in their tracks. Dark spots on face areas can also be caused by pregnancy, so if you haven’t been sun bathing, removing them might be as easy as waiting nine months. Lastly, the best tip for removing sun speckles of all sorts is to see a dermatologist at the first sign of brown or grey marks; the sooner that you start removal therapy, the quicker you will see results, and with traditional treatments like hydroquinone, a week here or there will be invaluable in the long term.