Deep Cleansing Facial Procedures – Which One To Choose?

Deep Cleansing Facial Procedures

It used to be that getting a deep cleansing facial meant one thing: steaming, a deep cleaning, and a massage, leaving the skin clean and refreshed. While you can still get this spa staple, there are literally over a dozen different types of facials, and knowing which one is right for you can be a tall order.

Normal facials are fine for people with skin that isn’t acne prone, but besides the soothing and relaxing experience, a foaming cleanser and a little elbow grease will likely net the same results. So what do you do when you are looking for some relief from acne? Well, you get an acne facial. This type of deep cleansing facial is usually done every couple of weeks, with results appearing progressively after subsequent treatments. What if you’re feeling old and it’s showing on your face? Well, then an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) deep cleansing facial might be for you, they’re purportedly great skin smoothers. Tired of exfoliating cleansers that don’t work? Consider a collagen facial. This multi step process combines exfoliation, cleaning of the pores, massage and a masque to either completely clean the face or perhaps perform so many phases that you suddenly no longer remember why you signed up for a facial.

There is a different kind of deep cleansing facial for every need, and while most provide beneficial cleansing, moisturizing and toning, others can be downright silly. Avoid “designer” facials that are better suited to draining wallets than lymphatics. The “Gold” facial, for instance, uses creams that contain actual gold. Supposedly this is absorbed into the face and provides many benefits. If that was the case, then all women with pierced ears would have the most beautiful lobes on the planet. “Pollution Fighting Facials” claim to coat the skin in essential vitamins and nutrients that are absorbed onto the face. If you want vitamins, take your Flintstones or eat your veggies. Your body prefers to get it’s essentials from the inside.

If you’re confused or overwhelmed by the hokey, miracle claims of salons and spas, try some at home care before shelling out the dough. Microdermabrasion tools are now available for home use and are a great way to remove dead skin and put your best face forward. And don’t forget, the store shelves might hold the best facial wash for you, and you can save time and money by caring for your skin at home. Facials are a great way to rejuvenate, clean, soothe and invigorate the sensitive skin of the face. They’re relaxing and a great group activity with friends. But, don’t be fooled by crazy claims, you’re still paying someone to wash your face really, really good.