Designer Skin Tanning Lotion – Secret Formula?

Designer Skin Tanning Lotion

When choosing tanning products, what is the difference between products you can buy at your local convenience store, and designer skin tanning lotion? Is paying all of that extra money really worth it? Anyone who has tried products from Designer Skin will probably say “Yes!” Designer Skin tanning lotion is one of the best indoor tanning lotion products on the market. If you are not afraid to spend a little money on your sunless tanning products, designer skin tanning lotion guarantees rich color, smooth skin and long lasting effects.

So what is it about designer skin tanning lotion that makes it work so well? When you are choosing the best self-tanner, there are more factors than just asking if it creates a real looking tan. You must be concerned with its streaking factor, how it smells and how long it lasts. A key ingredient found in Designer Skin Celebutante Indoor Tanning Lotion is Maqui Berries. Not only do the berries provide a wonderful scent, thus masking the usual self-tan smell, they also provide antioxidants, which reduce the sun’s effects on the skin. While the lotion itself is bronzing your skin, the Maqui Berries infuses moisture into damaged areas and can reverse the look of dry sin or wrinkles.

You cannot use this product as protection from the sun. When you are in the elements you must still choose between sunblock vs sunscreen in order to protect your skin. However, by using this self tanning product, not only are you reducing the time your skin is exposed to the sun, you are also providing your skin with nutrients and antioxidants it can use to fight damage already done. Designer Skin offers a variety of self tanning lotions and uses many different oils, moisturizers, vitamins and minerals which not only create the look you are seeking, they also enhance your natural skin’s beauty.