Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser Hair Removal Pain

So, you thought that somehow, all of your hair was going to disappear via in clinic or in home laser hair removal treatment without you noticing a thing? Wrong. Laser hair removal pain is real, and it is, well, painful! Some people have compared it to being snapped by a rubber band, and considering that amount hair follicles each person can have, that’s a lot of rubber bands!

In order to combat laser hair removal pain, most clinics offer numbing agents. Some however, charge extra for the use of these products, and it’s also important to remember that you cannot use a numbing agent over a large part of the body at one time. For instance, coating an entire leg with a numbing agent during your permanent laser hair removal session is not safe, and could land you in the hospital. It’s also worthwhile to consider the sensitivity of the area you are having treated. For instance, a numbing agent might be useful for a laser hair removal upper lip procedure, but less practical for an entire arm. However, using a numbing agent on a tender area such as during underarm hair removal, might be less comfortable than if no pain prevention was utilized.

So, why is there pain? Well, think about what is occurring during the session. Light is used on precisely directed areas within the hair follicle that cause hair to grow, and creating targeted damage to prevent future hair growth. Nothing about that sounds like a pain free experience.

Another factor that you will need to consider while you’re getting squirmy about laser hair removal pain is the skill level of the person holding the hot stick. When you go to the hospital, the skill level of the person manipulating your IV normally dictates whether you go home with an arm that resembles Grape Ape’s or a normal arm with one band aid. Anytime someone is using tools on you, a large part of the success and outcome depend on the individual, unless you’re doing it at home yourself, in which case you have nobody to blame for your laser hair removal pain but yourself!