Dry Hands Causes And Daily Management

Dry Hands

Severely dry hands could develop patches of dry skin, red irritated and at times cracked skin. Finding an effective and fast acting remedy is important daily management of dry hands.

If your occupation exposes your hands to frequent washings, sanitizing or harsh weather elements, dry hands are a very common problem. In addition to dry skin on hands you may develop dry and cracked nails that may be even harder to treat if you don’t take proper measures of daily management.

Wearing hand protective gloves while exposing your skin to water and household chemicals should become an everyday ritual. It might take some getting used to but seeing the dry hands problem disappear will be a great reward to look forward to. Place a container of an emollient rich hand cream right by the sink where you wash your hands to create a ritual to moisturize hands after every hand washing. This will help keep your hands and nails from drying out.

Before bed, slather generous amounts of heavy duty hand salve or organic coconut oil on hands and wear 100% cotton gloves to keep treatment working overnight and protect your sheets and clothing. Staying hydrated and eating a variety of seeds, nuts and cold water fish could contribute to the skin on your hands gradually healing.

Perhaps your dry hands are a result of using too many conventional hand creams that contain hefty amounts of alcohol and perfumes that can dry out and irritate your hands. Consider switching to natural hand moisturizing solutions like olive or grape seed oil, emu oil or any other hand creams that could be purchased at your natural foods store.

Not all cases of dry hands are due to water overexposure, some individuals with eczema or psoriasis condition may develop dry skin between fingers that may crack and bleed. The condition may get so severe that it may require seeing your dermatologist for a prescription treatment.

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