Dry Skin Around Nose After Shower – What Is Wrong?

Dry Skin Around Nose

There is no reason to panic if you have dry skin around nose areas after you pop out of the shower. It’s not a sign of an underlying illness or a secret symptom of a gnarly skin condition, but it does mean that you need to take better care of your face, or that you could have a common and un-scary skin condition that requires treatment.

Dry cracked skin is a symptom of many dermis disorders so if yours is causing discomfort, you should see your family doctor or a dermatologist to see if your dry flaky skin on face areas could be associated with eczema or seborrheic dermatitis.

More than likely, however, the dry skin around nose areas that you are ending up with after showering is easily fixable, and a combination of routine changes and proper care will ensure that your dry skin around nose areas diminishes quickly. For instance, how hot is your shower? Excessively hot water can lead to arid skin, so if you frequently turn your bath tub into a hot tub, turn town the temperature to give your face a break. Weather can also play a big role, and when it’s cold outside, which part of your face is frequently the most likely to be exposed? That’s right, a rectangle of flesh encompassing your eyes and nose. A runny snout can exacerbate the situation so that by the time you get indoors and into the shower, you are destined for dry skin around nose areas from the great outdoors.

Products are another big concern. If you are lacking moisture, then look for products specifically designed for same. For instance, toners can be drying in the first place, and if you aren’t using the best toner for dry skin, then you are hitting your face with a double whammy of dehydration.

If you have consulted with your doctor and determined that you simply have a parched pelt, consider moisturizing products found over the counter or even at home to use both in the shower and out of the shower. Home remedies for dry skin include vegetable oil and oatmeal. Staying out of the sun, limiting the length of your showers and minimizing exposure to extreme temperatures will all help to repair the skin around your muzzle.