Dry Skin During Pregnancy – Skin Changes and Baby Gender Prediction!

Dry Skin During Pregnancy

Most of the discomfort and changes that occur within the body arise from hormonal changes (oh yeah, and that giant thing that you’re carting around in your abdomen.) Changes in emotional state, appetite, and ability to tie your shoes are normal and expected, but not everyone knows that your skin can go through dramatic changes during the course of a pregnancy, and 9 months is a long time to feel like you’re coated in a scaly Sahara desert.

Dehydrated skin occurs when moisture isn’t being provided to the skin either from the inside or outside. The hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy can bootleg oil and stretchiness from the dermis creating dry flaky skin on face areas and southward. Dry skin during pregnancy is common, but unlike the inability to tie shoes or dance gracefully, it’s one pregnancy side effect that you can treat prior to baby delivery time. Treating dry skin during pregnancy is important! That itchy, arid outer layer can lead to stretch marks if untreated, so save the discomfort and the long term battle badge and treat early and often. Stay hydrated and load up on good fats (FYI tasting good does not equal good fat.) Avoid chemicals altogether. Opt instead for homemade face masks for dry skin and gentle and natural products if you choose to use them. Use non soap cleansers and moisturizing lotion for dry hands, and avoid hot baths that can strip moisture.

Dry skin during pregnancy is not always a bad thing. If you believe in old wives’ tales, then you might be interested to know that your skin condition has long been thought of as a gender predictor. Dry skin during pregnancy purportedly indicates that you will be having a baby boy. Soft skin means a little girl is on the way. Of course, there is no scientific research to back these unlikely claims up, and less likely yet is the notion that alleviating your dry skin will have any effect on gender, but it’s an interesting and comforting thought that a discomfort may just be because of the gender of the beautiful little baby that’s on the way.