Early Signs of Skin Cancer To Watch Out For

Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Knowing the early signs of skin cancer could save your life. Skin cancer can come in different types, with different symptoms and visible signs, but there are some signs and symptoms of skin cancer which can alert you to all types of this disease. Any unusual or suspicious skin change should be shown to your physician to rule out any cancer, and it is important to do a complete skin exam at least once a month and preferably more often. Detecting early signs of skin cancer can stop this disease before it can become more serious, and will greatly increase your survival odds.

One of the initial signs of basal skin cancer and other types of this disease can be a mole that suddenly appears after you reach adulthood or a spot on your skin that changes, whether it is a mole, a wart, or other type of skin. Look for any spot that has an asymmetrical appearance, where one half does not look the same as the other. Another of the early signs of skin cancer is any area of skin or mole which has more than one color. Borders which are ragged and uneven are another sign to watch for, and if you have an unusual spot larger than a pencil eraser have it looked at right away.

The link between the tanning beds and skin cancer has been shown to be just as strong as exposure to sunlight. If you use a tanning bed then you should be especially vigilant about looking for any of the early signs of skin cancer, because you are at a higher risk because of this activity. The use of sunscreen and skin cancer prevention has also been proven, and if you are going out in the sun then you should be wearing this protection. If you notice anything unusual about any area of skin it is important that you have it evaluated, because early detection is the key to surviving skin cancer.