Eczema Treatment Over The Counter Products Review

Eczema Treatment Over The Counter

Eczema treatment over the counter products come in a wide range of ingredients, names, and level of effectiveness. There are some products which may help, but normally it may take a few tries to find one of these products which really makes a difference in your eczema. There are many home remedies for eczema that may work well for most people, such as Aloe Vera and shea butter, both of which moisturize your skin while soothing and helping your skin to heal better. Eczema treatment over the counter can also include medicated preparations that may contain hydrocortisone or other steroid components.

An over the counter steroid cream should only be used if recommended by your physician, unless you have had the same problem before and were directed to use this type of cream. With hydrocortisone and other steroidal creams the strength of the medicine is very important, and a doctor or pharmacist may need to determine the ideal percentage to give you relief. Eczema treatment over the counter can also include herbs and other natural remedies, like sandalwood paste or a turmeric paste, which is applied to the skin and then rinsed off after the desired time. Chamomile and Calendula are both plants that have shown results with some people who use them as herbal remedies for this skin condition. Eczema in babies may require special care, because of their small size and delicate nature.

Eczema treatment over the counter products should include rich moisturizers, and should give you results. If you try a product and it does not work try another, or switch home remedies, until you find something that actually works for you and your eczema. Whether you have hand eczema or your entire body is affected there are treatments that can help you manage and control your symptoms, and the severity of any outbreaks. Anything that improves the health of your skin and immune system, including vitamins and other nutrients, can help minimize the eczema that you experience.