Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal Review

Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal

The invention of the disposable razor is not enough for all people apparently. We seek more and more permanent solutions to hair removal. Once a useful, protective covering, most hair (tops of heads excepted) is now unwanted. So how do you make a decision between electrolysis vs laser hair removal? Do your homework, and count your change.

Electrolysis hair removal sounds like something out of a sci-fi alien movie. Someone takes an apparently very small probe, and maneuvers it into your hair follicle, and delivers electricity to it, essentially killing the hair producing pieces. Go ahead and start counting your leg hairs, it’s going to take awhile isn’t it? Does it feel good? What do you think? When considering the pain factor between electrolysis vs laser hair removal, unfortunately laser wins. It’s more painful to have electrolysis. There are even more downsides to electrically shocking your hair into submission. Electrolysis prices, for instance, can range from $50-$60 a session, and you could need up to 30. The plus side? It’s purportedly much more effective than laser, and if you’re not fair skinned, this may be the only option for you currently as lasers tend to work best on those with fair skin and dark hair.

Looking at the flip side of the electrolysis vs laser hair removal debate, lasers are a newer technology that uses light to target the melanin in follicles and create damage to the specific, hair producing areas. Because it targets melanin, this is why it may not be the best option for people with darker skin or lighter hairs. Laser hair removal is reportedly lass painful than electrolysis, but users reports discomfort during the process. The cost of this type of procedure is around $200 a session and you will normally have between 5 and 6, and have them every month. Unlike electrolysis, you may not see permanent hair removal, and results are not guaranteed. Side effects of laser hair removal include skin irritation and swelling.

When considering permanent solutions consider a few main points in the electrolysis vs laser hair removal debate. How much do you want to spend? What results are you hoping for? And does your skin and hair type only lend you to one treatment or another? Once you are able to answer these, you will be ready to schedule your consultation. If you aren’t ready for a consultation, you can always use tried and true home methods of hair removing cream, shaving, and tweezing and plucking. If you’re particularly brave, you can always pick up an at home kit for one touch electrolysis, however most people would agree that it’s best left to the professionals.