Endermologie Treatments of Cellulite: Cost and Benefits

Endermologie Treatments

Imagine if you will, being steamrolled and vacuumed as part of your spa visit. Well, this is the basis for endermologie treatments. Small rollers are applied to and fro on the skins surface, with subsequent suctioning to lift and move problem areas are what comprise this recently patented treatment. Originating in France, it has hit the United States in recent years as a new tool to help in the battle of getting rid of cellulite.

Requiring between 14 and 28 sessions at around 45 minutes each, this is hardly the least time consuming method for battling your butt bumps. In addition, monthly sessions are often required to maintain all, if any, achieved results. Endermologie treatments are often not effective in overweight people, and usually only beneficial to the physically fit, if at all. The benefits of endermologie are of course, present and are mostly limited to noninvasive technique, and minimal side effects.

Liposuction has not been proven as a useful tool for cottage cheese syndrome, and there is no such thing as cellulite removal surgery as of yet. So, beyond diet and exercise, creams and lotions, and cellulite home remedies, steam rolling and vacuuming is one of the only remaining options.

Endermologie treatments are not always effective, and endermologie cost when totaled can equal the same as expensive liposuction treatments. Considering the untreatable nature of cellulite, it seems that this would be an unusual course of action to battle a condition which is considered by most to be a normal part of aging.

Before considering endermologie treatments, first think about changing your lifestyle. Often times, the look of dimpled skin can be reduced by changing your diet to decrease saturated fats and salt, sugars and coffee and alcohol. Exercise is also important as toning the affected areas will firm and tighten skin and improve the look of your buns and thighs.

Endermologie is one of the most time consuming and costly treatments you can consider for your bumpy exoself. Diet and exercise are the easiest and best way to improve your body inside and out. Combining this with creams or lotions, or even home remedies will all yield faster, and less costly treatments that will give you better results, and overall better physical wellness.