Excessive Sweating During Exercise – Good or Bad?

Excessive Sweating During Exercise

Sweating is our natural body’s response to keep itself cool and prevent over heating. Sweating during exercise is a common occurrence. But, is excessive sweating during exercise a bad thing? Fitness experts say “not necessarily“.

First, you need to analyze whether you only experience excessive sweating during exercise or whether you also sweat profusely doing other activities. Profuse sweating during any activity is not necessarily a bad thing as humidity and stress can sometimes make you sweat a lot.

There is a condition called hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) which occurs in about 2-3% of the population. If you seek medical advice, doctors will prescribe an appropriate excessive sweating treatment. Drysol antiperspirant, a clinical strength antiperspirant is often prescribed to manage excessive sweating.

Males tend to sweat more than females as their sweat glands are more active compared to that of females. Many consider Drysol to be one of the best antiperspirant for men.

Excessive sweating during exercise can actually be considered a good thing as it shows that your body is fit and efficient in dispelling the extra heat, which is caused due to the increase of the core temperature of your body. The more fit your body becomes, the better it becomes at sweating. Fitness athletes sweat profusely and soon after they start exercising. However, excessive sweating during exercise can also mean that the exercise environment is too humid.

By sweating too much during an exercise session, you could get dehydrated and experience fatigue. Therefore, regular hydration as you exercise will lower the temperature of your surroundings if it is too hot. Wearing loose fitted clothes made of natural fabrics and keeping a towel at hand can be some sweaty armpits solutions.

Consult a doctor if you experience fever, chest pain, shortness of breath or rapid heart beat along with excessive sweating as it can be a sign of hyperthyroidism and other serious health conditions.