Excessive Sweating While Sleeping – Nightmares, Poor Diet or Stress?

Excessive Sweating While Sleeping

If you are having excessive sweating while sleeping, you may jump right to conclusions, and think you are going through menopause. This is a great theory, unless you are nowhere near menopausal age. Or, you’re a man….

So what if you are having excessive sweating at night and you aren’t going through menopause? Perhaps there is another cause. Believe it or not, there are over 150 different ailments that can cause excessive sweating while sleeping including TB, cancer hypoglycemia and infections. While going over each and every one of them is not realistic, it’s important to realize that excessive sweating can be caused by many factors; environmental, biological and psychological. If you are having a tough time identifying the source of your sweat soaked sheets, and have hyperhidrosis symptoms, it’s important to speak to your health care professional right away to eliminate potentially serious health issues as a concern immediately.

With that being said, start with your sheets! Did you just have to have the Ralph Lauren wool sheet set that was on clearance during the white sale? Your linens and bedroom temperature might be causing unwanted nighttime excessive sweating. You don’t have to convert to sleeping in the buff to counteract your bedding woes, try light, airy fabrics and make sure you’re being kind to the gas company and keeping the thermostat at a comfortable, non-egg cooking temperature.

If you’re bedding isn’t causing your excessive sweating while sleeping, maybe it’s that R rated horror flick you thought 11 p.m. was an okay time to watch. Nightmares can easily cause sweating too much while sleeping. Maybe your job or that new puppy is an equally horrific nightmare and you are stressed out. Stress causes the body to produce adrenaline, preparing your body for a fight when it’s in sleep mode. The unbalance of a body that wants to rest while it’s stressed can cause nerves to trigger sweat production. Try counting sheep when you lie down for the night, instead of counting the attacks you’re going to make on that voodoo doll you made on your coworker. Another way your body gets all amped up before bedtime is via what you put in it. Having coffee and caffeinated tea at bed time, or chocolate or other stimulating snacks logically will have similar effects as stress. You are telling your body to go to sleep and stay awake at the same time. It is probably making you sweat more just to spite you.

Excessive sweating while sleeping should be treated as symptoms of an underlying illness until your doctor says otherwise. Consulting your physician will help you to determine if your sweat soaked sheets are caused from a health condition, environmental factors, or mental stresses. He or she may suggest medical treatment options, or a combination of lifestyle or environmental changes to ease your symptoms and ensure that you don’t leave a permanent sweat stain body mark on those white sale sheets.