Face Exfoliator Review – Brush, Sponge or Cleansing Machine?

Face Exfoliator

Our skin is coated in nasty stuff. Some of it is makeup, only partially removable by the arguably best facial cleanser. Some of it comes in the form of dead skin cells. As a part of any deep cleansing facial, this leftover makeup and collection of little dead pieces of you is removed, however nobody wants to get a facial every day, so we turn to home care to exfoliate face. How do you know what the best face exfoliator at home is? Well, it’s a decision combination consisting of many factors including skin type and sensitivity, cost and frequency.

Whether you’re looking for a lip exfoliator or a mixture product that also removes hair, store shelves are lined with products and tools claiming to be the best face exfoliator for your money. Because of their greater cost, microdermabrasion tools and machines are very popular and frequently thought of as the best method to cleanse away the top surface of skin. But, do you really need all that power to get rid of some dead skin and makeup? Most people can achieve the same results with cloths and sheets designed with the same purpose in mind. Pair that with a facial scrub containing salt, sugar or crushed shells and you will likely yield the same results for a substantially less dollar amount. The abrasive nature of inexpensive sponges and brushes mean that for a couple of dollars, you can mimic the effects of a rotating, electric brush without the hassle and without the lighter bank account.

The real benefit to face exfoliator machinery? Lack of elbow grease and time spent. With sponges, brushes and loofahs, your arms are the engine, and it may take longer for you to achieve the same level of cleanliness than you will from two minutes with a fancy, rotating machine. It will also take a lot less time and ensure that you don’t “miss any spots.” But, it’s going to cost you a lot more money, and the heavy power can really irritate your skin. Your best bet for the money if you insist on using a face exfoliator? Forget the hardware and opt instead for a wash containing a mild abrasive. It’s all the power you really need and won’t irritate your face.

Many doctors discourage the process of frequent and excessive exfoliating. They encourage washing the face at least twice a day with a gentle and non-irritating cleanser. Remember that your tools take dirt and grime and bacteria and fungus off of your face. Where is that stuff going the next time you use your fancy face tools? You guessed it. Crammed back into the nooks and crannies on the face you’re trying to get clean.