Factors Affecting Wound Healing Process

Wound Healing Process

Our bodies are amazing things. Superheroes long have exaggerated one of the everyman’s normal superpowers in our incredible ability to heal. Factors affecting wound healing vary, and will depend on the size, location and severity of your injury.

The internal workings of our bodies conceal astonishing cellular processes that encourage and create natural reconstruction after injury. As such, this process involves phases. Your wound will change many times over the course of healing as it goes through the metamorphosis of self regeneration. One of the biggest factors affecting wound healing is type of wound, and puncture wounds for instance, will take considerably longer to heal than a paper cut. Burn wounds, given their awesome destructive power, can also take a substantial amount of time to heal. In conjunction with wound type is wound severity. A third degree burn on a forearm will heal slower than a small puncture wound on the upper thigh. Areas of the body that are frequently used will heal more slowly than those that are used minimally.

Treatment of the area is also one of the factors affecting wound healing. Depending on the injury, how you manage the care of that region is instrumental to ensure a speedy reconstruction. Proper wound dressings suitable for your injury type are critical in providing the body what it needs to do its job. After an injury, the following steps are critical:

– If your wound requires medical treatment, seek it immediately. You may require stitches or other prompt medical care. Apply pressure to the area and keep it clean while en route to your immediate care facility.

– If self treating, don’t forget one of the most important factors affecting wound healing, infection avoidance. An infection can start the whole healing process over again. Gently wash the area and apply an antibiotic product to treat. Cover the area to keep germs away. Additionally, maintain a good wound healing nutrition plan rich in vitamins and minerals to help stave off pesky infections. Vitamin C is your friend.

Wounds are a nuisance, but are symbolic of what our bodies are capable of. Keeping your wounds clean and covered will help expedite their healing process. Most importantly, if your injury requires medical care at onset, or shows signs of infection later during healing, see your doctor as soon as possible.