Fingernail Diseases And Disorders

Fingernail Diseases

Modern day medicine diagnoses a myriad of fingernail diseases and conditions that affect both female and male patients around the world. Any time you witness a change in the condition or color of your fingernails and toenails, including nail ridges, pits, nail brittleness or nail trauma, you should seek medical attention for evaluation.

It’s imperative to seek professional advice for fingernail diseases because very often changes in your nails can be a result of a more serious systemic disease or condition that might require immediate treatment. Only a professional dermatologist and not a nail technician is qualified to examine, diagnose and properly treat fingernail diseases.

Fingernail fungus is perhaps one of the most commonly seen of all fingernail diseases that is characterized by yellow or brown, thick and brittle nails that might emit unpleasant odor. Nail fungus affects fingernails but more often toenails and could be easily contracted in warm and moist areas like saunas, pools, locker rooms or gyms. Toenail fungus is so stubborn that at times requires several courses of oral anti-fungal medications combined with topical applications. Among natural nail fungus treatments that are very effective it’s worth mentioning tea tree and lavender essential oils that should be spread twice daily on the affected fingernails or toenails.

Nail bed infections caused by bacteria are other very common types of fingernail diseases. Paronychia or pseudomonas nail infections could start as a result of nail trauma or even a visit to a nail salon. To avoid picking up nasty fingernail fungal and bacterial infections, you can bring your own nail tools to the salon. Infection of the nail bed will cause considerable pain and darkening of the nail plate and might even lead to the nail separating from its nail plate. To properly treat bacterial fingernail diseases, your doctor might have to resort to removing infected fingernail or toenail to reach bacteria infected areas.

Due to a variety of fingernails diseases, their causes and symptoms, only your doctor can properly diagnose your condition and prescribe appropriate treatment for your fingernail disease after having carefully examined your symptoms.