Fingernail Fungus Cure – How To Get Rid of Infection In 30 days?

Fingernail Fungus Cure

If you are on the market for a fingernail fungus cure and have turned to the internet, browser, beware. Remedies for fingernail infection found on the internet are varied; including everything from innocuous vinegar to (not kidding) bleach. A little disclaimer here, before putting anything on your fingernail fungus (or anywhere else for that matter) see a doctor. Hopefully he or she will be able to fully explain the risks associated with all treatments.

Upon my searching the internet, I found someone speaking of a cure involving urine. What? Yours or someone else? And, applied by which manner? Never mind the associated aroma; I think the fungus is bearable if that’s the treatment. Another site suggested bleach. Bleach removes the color from clothing. Sure, in very small amounts, it’s used to purify water, but let’s backtrack – it removes color from clothing. It does not belong on your body. Using bleach as a fingernail fungus cure should not be considered an option, and I pity the people who are testing it. It can be assumed that fungus would be preferable to chemical burns.

So most natural remedies are hokey, and some, like vinegar, are inexpensive enough that if you want to give it a college try to embrace your old country roots, probably won’t do much but make you smell a little funny and make your friends crave French fries. So how do you get rid of the stuff that makes your feet look like they belong in a horror flick?

See your doctor. If you want a fingernail fungus cure, that’s the place to start, even if you are considering holistic medicine or alternative therapies. Oral anti-fungal medications are given a bad rap due to instances of liver damage, so talk to your doctor about your concerns and get the facts. Also, it’s important to understand that while many things might treat nail fungus symptoms and begin to improve the look of your nails, until a brand new, fungus free nail has grown in, your fingernail fungus cure is still not successful. This is why almost all conventional therapies can take up to a year to fully treat your problem.

So what can you do to get back into open toed shoes in 30 days? Take care of your toes while waiting for your fingernail fungus cure to work. Trimming the nails consistently and keeping the area around them clean while your selected treatment, whatever that may be, is working in the background. Remember, even after your fingernail fungus treatment has worked, the instances of recurrence are high, and maintaining good nail hygiene is critical to preventing recurrences.

While you can never fully rid yourself of nail fungus in just a month, you can dramatically decrease the gnarly look it is giving your nails by seeking immediate treatment, keeping the area well trimmed and clean, and applying doctor recommended over the counter anti fungal medication or anti fungal nail polish. Avoid gloves (think mushrooms and their love of dark, damp places and make sure nowhere on your body resembles a shroom growing garden), and for Pete’s sake do not paint your nails with nail fungus treatment that is not from your doctor. You are trapping your fungus with more fungus, giving them free range of their newly enclosed space to have fungi parties and make more fungus.

Nail fungus is treatable, and besides being aesthetically unattractive, poses little health risks or symptoms in otherwise healthy people. By maintaining good hygiene and seeking appropriate medical assistance, you can get your fungus under control before the seasons change.