Fingernail Fungus Treatment – What Are My Options?

Fingernail Fungus Treatment

Finding that you are opting for wool gloves in July to cover an unsightly nail? You might be plagued with fingernail fungus. Infections from mushroom cousins ravaging your delicate nail beds can cause brittle, unsightly and even sometimes painful nails. Thankfully, the condition is treatable and after a quick visit to your healthcare provider, you can begin to explore fingernail fungus treatment options.

Sadly, there is not overnight fingernail fungus cure. Almost all types of treatment for this condition involve several weeks or even months of care. Some treatments are less intense than others. Your physician, for instance, might prescribe an antifungal nail polish. Don’t worry boys, it’s not cherry red colored. The lacquer is applied to the nail and surrounding area (see? You don’t even need to be neat about it) for a week at a time before being removed and freshly reapplied. This treatment will take you from one December to the next however, as this fingernail fungus treatment can take up to a year.

Oral medications are another frequently used treatment option and are largely effective. However, the positive effects of same are not immediately visible. Until your new nail grows out you won’t see a disappearance of your condition. Your doctor may combine this treatment with over the counter crèmes and topical agents to improve the look of your nails during this time. While a widely used fingernail fungus cure, oral medications are equally lengthily in course, and can take up to 12 weeks to work, followed by the length of time it takes your nail to grow out.

A much more extreme fingernail fungus treatment is surgery. Your doctor can surgically remove the offending nail and additionally, treat the nail bed with anti fungal medications. You will again, need to wait it out as it can take a long time to get a new nail grown back in. This means instead of an unsightly, yellow, crumbly nail, you can be left with none at all. It’s up to you which will look worse on date night. Treatment of this type is usually reserved for when the infection has gotten to be very intrusive and is possibly even causing pain.

As with every other condition it seems, there are a whole slew of folk remedies that people claim cure their diseases. One of those is tea tree oil nail fungus cure that has not been shown medically to cure any diseases, but you may have some lying around as it’s a frequent alternative remedy for a variety of ailments. Other folk remedies include snakeroot and grape seed extract, although no conclusive and peer reviewed studies have shown any of these are worth popping into your alchemy bowl. Snakeroot has shown a little promise as a treatment, but one that is far less effective than commercially available, medical fingernail fungus treatment options.

The most important thing to remember with a nail fungus infection is that time is not on your side. Most treatments take time as the fungus is under the nail and hard to reach. See your physician once you suspect you have nail fungus, as the sooner you start treatment, the sooner it will clear away. You just may celebrate a birthday or two in the meantime.