Fingernail Ridges Due To Stress And Vitamin Deficiency

Fingernail Ridges

All of us dream of having healthy and strong nails that are smooth in appearance and do not break easily. Unfortunately, everyday exposure to household chemicals, various systemic diseases and fungal or bacterial fingernail diseases result in unsightly changes in nails, including white spots, fingernail ridges, nail brittleness and even splitting fingernails. Some changes are harmless while others might require serious and lengthy treatment.

If you notice vertical fingernail ridges on your nails, it rarely is a concern but rather a change in the appearance of your nails due to mostly hereditary causes. Horizontal fingernail ridges, on the other hand, are much more serious and could be a symptom of a serious respiratory condition, severe vitamin deficiency and chronic stress.

Vertical fingernail ridges are also one of the most common age related nails problems that come as a result of nails losing their natural moisture with age. A healthy balanced diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and whole grains combined with regular vitamin E hand and nail massages are the best cures for fingernail ridges. Avoiding aggressive nail treatments, including artificial nails and acetone based products will help you improve the condition of your nails in general.

If you would like to further strengthen your nail plates and improve the condition of fingernail ridges, you can start using the best nail strengtheners available on the market, including Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler that is specially formulated to gradually fill in your nail ridges by creating a nice and smooth surface on your nails. Additionally, using gloves when doing everyday chores or while gardening will reduce stress on your nails and help you achieve strong and healthy nails.

Fingernail ridges alone are almost never a sign to be concerned about, however, if you experience other unpleasant symptoms or are under severe everyday stress, it’s time to see your health provider for evaluation.