Fingernails Peeling Off At Base – What Is The Likely Cause?

Fingernails Peeling

While it is true that nail changes can certainly signal an underlying health condition, fingernails peeling at the base can also be caused by many common things. Probably the most likely cause is simply household chores. Harsh cleansers and consistent exposure to water, along with significantly increased use can cause cases of fingernails peeling at the base. Another extremely likely cause is simply prolonged use of nail polish and nail polish remover. If you really enjoy both household chores and painting your fingernails, you have likely found your culprit.

The nails are made of layers, and moisture is required to keep the layers intact and strong. Dryness therefore is the mortal enemy of all manicures. This is likely why chemicals and cleaners and consistent washing can play an important role in nail health. Aging, which can cause dryness just about everywhere, is another common cause.

While many everyday explanations can reason away a case of fingernails peeling away, there are less common reasons that you could be experiencing symptoms. Some of these are serious, and if you are experiencing peeling, splitting fingernails, horizontal ridges, beau lines, or discoloration, it might be worthwhile to consult with a physician. You could have one of a multitude of fingernail diseases, or other health conditions that can cause physical changes in the nails. Thyroid problems, heart conditions, and respiratory illnesses all have symptoms that can manifest themselves in your claws, so if you have physical symptoms along with changes in your nails, you may need to seek medical care.

For common causes, consider dietary changes for increased nutrient intake, or a supplement of vitamins for nail growth and strength. Often, nail health suffers when you aren’t getting enough nutrients, and the combination of malnutrition and harsh external conditions can create a really hostile environment for your manicured manipulators. If your day to day chores and activities are not changing anytime soon, opt for less nail polish less frequently, and use the best nail strengthener you can get your hands on. Or, you can simply use your fingernails peeling away as an excuse to skip the dinner dishes!