Flat Warts On Hands Treatment

Flat Warts

Flat warts are very commonly referred as juvenile warts and are very often seen on hands, face or elbows. Flat warts are contagious and could be passed on to other people through sharing objects, hand shakes or direct contact. If you or your children have flat warts, it’s very important to start treating warts early before they are spread out and form mosaic warts with wart growths clustered together. If you notice small calloused skin growth on your feet or around toes with small distinct black dots inside them, you might have a case of seed warts that are usually contracted from wet public areas like showers, bathroom, pools and locker rooms.

When it comes to removing warts, you have a plethora of choices depending on your budget and how fast you would like to get rid of these warts. The most common approach in removing them in children is the duct tape method which is quite inexpensive and easy to use. It does take some time for the treatment to start working. The duct tape method uses a dual approach to remove warts by suffocating the wart growth and triggering an immune system response. You can cut a small piece of duct tape and put it over flat warts for approximately one week. After one week you can carefully clean the area with soap and scrub with pumice stone to remove dead skin. A new piece of duct tape is applied for another week. The treatment may take a month of two before you start seeing results.

Salicylic acid applications are other very common treatments to remove flat warts. However, this treatment is inappropriate for kids younger than 2 years of age. Salicylic acid ointments work over time to gradually kill warts. You many require many repetitive treatments for them to start working.

Freezing warts is another common method you doctor may use in his office in case you have unsuccessfully tried many other methods. Your doctor will carefully apply liquid nitrogen over your flat warts causing a freeze burn. You wart will eventually fall off when the skin heals.

Not all skin growths are necessarily warts, some can merely look like warts but could in fact be molluscum warts or molluscum rash that is caused by an entirely different skin virus. It’s best to refer to your doctor to prescribe you a treatment if you can not identify your skin condition.