Forehead Wrinkles In Men

Forehead Wrinkles In Men

Some think that men with forehead wrinkles look masculine and each wrinkle can tell a story. Men naturally do not readily reach for an anti-aging cream at the first sign of forehead wrinkles and think that these are just an unavoidable way of getting older. However, if your forehead wrinkles are especially deep and make you look years older, there are many ways to fight aging and prevent wrinkles from appearing too soon.

Since men like structure and easy to follow routines, picking an anti aging skincare line designed specifically for men is a great start to treating forehead wrinkles or fine lines around your eyes and mouth. Men’s wrinkle fighting products do not come in bright flowery containers you might be too embarrassed to put on your bathroom shelf and have clear instructions printed on the packaging men love.

By addressing your manly aging skin problems in due time you can delay the aging of your skin and prevent the appearance of new forehead wrinkles. Pick wrinkle fighting creams that contain some of the most effective anti aging ingredients like, retinoid, peptides, enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins according to your skin type. If in doubt, ask your dermatologist to recommend which products to use.

Daily sunscreen application is essential to keeping your skin wrinkle free and well moisturized. Better yet look for an added SPF 15 or higher as an ingredient of your daily anti wrinkle cream.

If your forehead wrinkles are rather deep you might require more drastic measures from your dermatologist’s office. Among such measures your doctor might recommend are chemical peels, CO2 laser resurfacing and Botox injections.

As a last resort for deep set forehead wrinkles, your dermatologist might refer you to a plastic surgeon who can recommend you undergo a brow lifting surgical procedure. Brow lifting is a serious surgery with its possible list of complications and should not be taken lightly and be reserved when all other cosmetic measures for wrinkles fail.