Freezing Warts Side Effects

Freezing Warts

Cryotherapy is a procedure intended for freezing warts and alleviating other common skin problems. Depending whether you have plantar warts or genital warts, or your warts are especially numerous you may need a different wart removal therapy. Only your doctor can tell you if freezing warts is indicated for your specific case.

You doctor is very likely to use liquid nitrogen and apply it directly on wart affected areas thus creating controlled freeze burns. After freezing warts, a blister appears that will later dry out and take the wart away. Because it’s not possible to completely kill the HPV virus that causes warts, your warts may come back and you may require additional Cryotherapy to completely get rid of them.

Whether Cryotherapy is used for foot wart removal or to remove warts on your fingers or face, this procedure might be especially painful for some patients. Fingers and face carry a large number of pain receptors that will respond actively once liquid nitrogen is applied.

Just like any other medical intervention freezing warts carries some side effects that should be taken into consideration before starting this treatment. Due to high levels of pain freezing warts treatment is not commonly used on children, salicylic acid warts remover is more appropriate for treating kids.

Some of the more common side effects associated with freezing warts is skin irritation and swelling and should be expected with this treatment. Another concern for Cryotherapy is substantial scarring that might occur in individuals prone to keloid scar formations. Therefore, cryosurgery should be used sparingly in the facial and any other open areas. All patients undergoing Cryotherapy for freezing warts should be instructed about a possible side effect of secondary infection in the stage when blister bursts open. Using bandages to cover an open would area is a good way to prevent this from happening.

There are a myriad of other products and therapies besides Cryotherapy that can help you get rid of these annoying skin problems like duct tape, salicylic acid applications and even wart mole vanish cream that is proven to effectively clear warts away.