Frown Lines Around Mouth Treatment Options

Frown Lines

Frown lines appear where skin is stretched as a response to facial muscles contractions that give us facial expressions. Some individuals tend to contract one set of muscles more than the others leading to characteristic frown lines around mouth, eyes and forehead. You can’t stop yourself from expressing your emotions, however, you can reduce frown lines around your mouth that make you look years older.

Regular application of a broad range UV sun protector is the key to prevent wrinkles and frown lines from becoming too deep. Another good way to improve mouth and forehead wrinkles is to practice facial muscle relaxation techniques and self massage. Every day set aside 10-15 minutes when you can massage your face using slightly warm jojoba or almond oil that will help you ease facial tension and provide additional hydrating benefits. Additionally, you can try using L’Oreal Pro Retinol products that specifically target fine lines and wrinkles all over your face. If you are in doubt which anti wrinkle products to use and want Retinol vs Retin A products comparison, a visit to your dermatologist’s office will help you find answers.

If at home remedies for frown lines are not enough, paying a visit to your dermatologist is recommended. You doctor will recommend which cosmetic procedures are more appropriate for your type of frown lines. Most dermatologists start treating frown lines with injecting various cosmetic fillers and Botox. These cosmetic injections provide temporary effect of smoothing fine lines around your mouth for 4-6 months and are not covered by insurance companies.

If cosmetic fillers do not bring the results you want, you might try more invasive but very effective treatments that use various chemical agents or devices intended to remove the top layer of damaged skin and boost collagen production. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing are all very good options to treat frown lines around mouth.

Facial plastic surgery is the most invasive and costly way to treat frown lines that is reserved when all other less invasive methods fail.