Furuncle Treatment – Antibiotics Alternatives!

Furuncle Treatment

A furuncle is also known as a boil. In case several furuncles join together and spread deeper in the tissues, a carbuncle forms. Although furuncle treatment< sometimes calls for antibiotics, there are some things you can do at home.

Boils usually occur in places where you have hair on the body and rubbing. Boils are usually the result of hair follicles that have gotten infected. The bacteria create pouches of pus. As the pouch grows it can cause pain. Although your first impulse for home furuncle treatment might be to get the pus out, you should not do that. If you open the boil to try and drain it, scratch or squeeze it you could make the infection travel deeper causing complications.

Here are some home remedies for boils. Twice a day, use soap and water to wash the area. Make sure you dry it thoroughly. 3 to 4 times each day, for 20 to 30 minutes, place wet, warm cloths on the boil. Use this carbuncle treatment when the boil first appears. You should continue this part of the furuncle treatment for about a week or until the boil opens. Continue the heat furuncle treatment for 3 days once the boil starts to drain. Clean the boil with soap and water two times a day. Be careful about sharing towels and washcloths with others. You do not want them to get boils too!

If the boil does not drain and heal, it might not be a boil in the first place. See your doctor if the condition worsens. A MRSA staph infection can be confused with a boil. Fungal infections of the skin could also be causing your problem.

If you develop any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately: the boil is near your spine, anus, or face; the boil increases in size; lumps appear near the boil; you have extreme pain; you develop a fever; red streaks emanate from around the boil; the boil is as big as a ping pong ball; there is no improvement in a week; you get numerous boils. Some untreated skin infections can be life threatening.