Gel Nails vs Acrylic Nails – Which One To Choose?

Gel Nails vs Acrylic Nails

Nail salons have many more offerings than they did in years past, and now one of your biggest choices will be deciding between acrylic nails or gel or gelish nails. So what are the determining factors in the gel nails vs acrylic nails debate? Well, there are several, and each factor will help you determine which is right for you.

Cost is the first consideration when deciding between gel nails vs acrylic nails. The latter will almost always be less expensive. Acrylic nails also offer other benefits, such as ease of removal. A 15 minute soak in nail polish remover is all you need to be back to natural nail whereas gels can be a bit more difficult to remove. Additionally, they, like gels, can be painted with shellac nail polish or designed anyway you want.

Some things don’t vary much when trying to decide between gel nails vs acrylic nails such as risk of infection. Both types carry the same risk when it comes to snags and tears that leave parts of the nail bed exposed and picking one over the other won’t limit your susceptibility to this possibility. Other similarities include application method and the fact that both require filling periodically as the nail grows out. Additionally, neither should be attempted at home. Even though you can find supplies for both such as gel nail kits and acrylic powder online, it doesn’t mean you have the rest of what you need to properly do your nails at home.

Even though press on nails and nail glue have all but been banished by the beauty industry, they really were the precursors to the products we know and love today. Choosing between gel vs acrylic nails might seem like a hassle, but having both choices available mean that you can pick what’s right for you instead of being limited in your options. Pick acrylics for long lasting an inexpensive enhancements, and gels if you are on the market for the latest and greatest and a frequent nail polish chipper. Both are still great alternatives to the methods of year past, and both are consistently improving both product and process to keep ensuring you have the very best beauty care available to you.