Gelish Nails Vs Shellac – Which One To Choose?

Gelish Nails

If you are racking your brain trying to decide between Gelish nails or Shellac, we have some really great news for you: either option is long lasting, safe for your nails and looks great! Gelish nails and Shellac nails are very interchangeable. When looking at gel nail products, shellac and gelish nails should be the choices at the top of your list in lieu of other “fake nail” products on the market. Both Gelish and Shellac nail polish are better for your natural fingernails as there is no filing down needed to apply, and the removal process is less stressful for your nail enamel as well. With all of the nail options out there (acrylic, silk, LCN nails, shellac, gelish nails), the main points of concern should be how healthy these fake nails leave your real nails, how realistic the look and how long they last. Since Gelish and Shellac nails accomplish positive results in all three areas, the choice should only come down to gelish versus shellac.

So how do you choose if they are seemingly indistinguishable? You will most likely have to go to a salon for Shellac nails, where you can get Gelish nails supplies to apply at home. For a quality look, it is recommended you go to the salon for either choice. There is also a slight price difference, as Gelish nails are available at a slightly lower price point than Shellac. Also, there are more Gelish nail polish colors available than there are with Shellac. With Gelish nails, you can choose from 72 different colors! Shellac offers 48 different polishes at this time. However, Shellac is easier to find than gelish so it might be more convenient to stick to the Shellac if you are in a hurry!