Hair Breakage Treatment At Home – What To Use?

Hair Breakage Treatment

Hair breakage is typically caused by damage or nutritional deficits. Since many popular hair styles rely on the use of heat tools, it is common for these practices to result in dry, brittle hair, and like many other things that are dry and brittle, it breaks. Additionally, the lack of necessary nutrients in the diet can change the consistency of hair, meaning that you can actually improve the condition of your hair from within.

Popular items used in home hair breakage treatment include eggs and olive oil. Either alone or combined, they are applied to the hair (omitting the scalp areas) and left on for a period of time, and then washed and rinsed normally. This can help increase elasticity and when combined with the best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair, can give your locks a fighting chance. Another purported hair breakage treatment at home is the combination mixture of vitamin e capsules and shampoo applied to the hair, and then a rigorous washing. However, the effectiveness of this method can be debated because it’s more commonly accepted that vitamins are better absorbed internally than externally. Imagine rubbing vitamin C on the nose of someone with a cold….

Sometimes the best treatment for damaged hair is a trim, which is certainly something you can do at home if you have a steady hand and nerves of steel. Eliminating brittle ends will allow the available nutrients in your tresses to focus on the remaining, healthier hair. Combining a good trim with shampoo for damaged hair and a deep conditioner can help alleviate breakage.

Another hair breakage treatment worth mentioning that certainly is achievable at home is dietary changes and the addition of a supplement. Dry damaged hair that is breaking needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, and if your diet is lacking, your hair could be suffering the consequences. Feel free to eat more leafy green vegetables and yogurt, and anything with biotin and B vitamins. Your body knows what to do with this good stuff, and if you have enough of it, your hair will reap the benefits.

Typically, the best offense against brittle hair is a multi step approach. Evaluate your dietary needs and see if there is anything you are lacking, and if so, consider a supplement. Get a good haircut (or, give yourself one) and try a home remedy hair breakage treatment by combining oil with essential oils once per week for a month or so. Wash less frequently, and avoid heat as often as possible. With a little bit of effort, and some resourcefulness, you can achieve hair repair without so much as stepping foot into a salon.