Hair Loss Vitamin Deficiency: Myths and Facts

Hair Loss Vitamin Deficiency

The subject of hair loss vitamin deficiency is a highly controversial topic that tends to be surrounded by a myriad of myths and facts. Below we try to debunk some of the common hair loss vitamin deficiency myths.

Myth #1: If you eat a poor diet, you are very likely to experience a hair loss vitamin deficiency problem.

Fact # 1: While your diet has an incredible impact on your overall health and condition of your hair, hair loss vitamin deficiency connection is almost never a problem. Hereditary underlying causes and an array of autoimmune diseases are more likely to cause diffuse hair loss rather than poor nutrition.

Myth #2: If you pay special attention to your diet, take plenty of vitamins and natural supplements, you can stop or reverse hair loss vitamin deficiency condition.

Fact # 2: That is not true due to the fact that a majority of hair loss causes are hereditary in nature and run either on your mother’s or father’s side. There’s virtually nothing you can do to stop of reverse hereditary hair loss but to resort to spironolactone hair loss treatment or in some cases to hair transplants.

Myth # 3: If you apply natural hair loss treatments and vitamins directly to your scalp, you can increase your chances to re-grow your hair.

Fact # 3: While many topical natural hair treatments like virgin coconut oil are incredibly helpful to improve condition of dry and brittle hair, they do virtually nothing to stop or reverse hair loss. Coconut oil benefits for hair do not extend to re-grow new hair but merely to moisturize and strengthen existing hair. However, some studies suggest that eating a therapeutic dose of 5,5 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil daily could improve hair growth.

Myth # 4: Some strongly believe in the iron deficiency and hair loss connection. If you start taking iron supplements on a regular basis or eat a diet rich in spinach, red meat and a variety of whole grains, you can reduce your chances of going bald.

Fact # 4: While it’s very important to keep your iron consumption at recommended levels, you can not stop or reverse your hair loss by consuming more iron.