Hair Transplant Surgery – Cost, Benefits and Risks!

Hair Transplant Surgery

Whether caused from your family’s genetic gifts, hormones, stress or disease or medication, hair loss is a sensitive subject for both men and women. It causes confidence issues and occasionally, antisocial tendencies. Postpartum hair loss in women is a particularly turbulent emotional roller coaster, sending many looking for any and all available options, including hair transplant surgery.

When it comes to hair transplant for women surgery, sadly, ladies got the small end of the stick. With the exception of mechanical and chemical hair removal, hair transplant surgery is rarely recommended in women. Because of the generally hormonal nature of missing noggin fur, women are only good candidates for hair transplant surgery less than 5% of the time.

One type of hair replacement that women are fond of due to the rise in celebrity hair transplants on the facial region is eyebrow hair transplants. This procedure undoes years and years of plucking and tweezing eyebrows that refuse to re-grow after many years of removal. This procedure is not only quick, but the cost can be substantially lower than that on the top of your head because of the substantially smaller number of follicles that need to be inserted.

If hair transplant surgery is for you, and you and your physician have discussed the matter fully, you will need to be aware of the cost of this procedure. At a varying cost of $2500.00 – $20,000.00 depending on the amount of work involved for the surgeon, you will need to strongly consider whether the enormous expense is worth it to you. Aside from the expense, this surgery involves risk like any other; however, the side effects resulting from this treatment are usually mild and involve crusting, swelling and pinkness.

Before electing to go under the knife, discuss with your doctor medications and topical remedies to ensure that your condition isn’t treated by a cheaper, safer, and less invasive solution. If those remedies have failed, it is time to talk to your doctor about surgically manipulating your hair.

Of course, in the event that your procedure goes according to plan, and you fork over the cost of a small new car to pay for it, you can plan on having natural looking and growing hair for years to come provided you did your homework and found the best hair transplant doctor you could.