Herpes Outbreak Duration Without Treatment

Herpes Outbreak Duration

Most people cringe at the thought of the word herpes, much less being one of the millions of people afflicted with it. While many are familiar with genital herpes, they are not often aware of the many variants of the virus, and until their first herpes outbreak may not even understand what it is.
No matter what type of this creeping disease you have been unwantingly gifted, whether its herpes opthalmicus or herpetic whitlow, herpes simplex symptoms and the manifestation of the condition are largely the same; the virus enters you and finds a shady spot to chill in your nerve cell bodies after taking a journey along nerve roadways. It waits here until you are sick, taking medication, stressed out, menstruating or it decides it needs to “get out and about” for some other reason (usually, a “trigger.) Once it has come and completely ruined your month, it heads back to its shady spot where it lays in wait for the next trigger to bring it back to the skin’s surface.

Untreated, the length of a herpes outbreak duration can be anywhere from 2 to 21 days. It’s important to remember that even when you are not showing signs of a current herpes outbreak duration period, such as the virus filled blisters that are characteristic of the condition, you can still spread this disease to others. So, no matter if you are strutting around with a case of herpes libialis or herpes espohagitis, good communication with people you are coming into possible communicable contact with, and transmission prevention methods are critical both when you’re asymptomatic, and whilst in the midst of a herpes outbreak duration period.

Another factor that can alter the herpes outbreak duration period of an individual is how long they have had the condition. Over time and after many, many outbreaks, individuals may find that the occurrence, severity and duration of outbreaks become reduced. This does not mean that the condition is cured; however periods of remission are much longer. This however all changes when treated with antiviral medications, which yields similar results with regards the amount, frequency and intervals of subsequent outbreaks.