Histamine Free Diet – Top 10 Foods To Avoid!

Histamine Free Diet

I was diagnosed with chronic hives about 7 years ago. My doctor prescribed about every allergy medication under the sun, we changed my laundry soap, my shampoo, my body wash, and even the materials in my t-shirts to try and stop the golf ball sized welts from appearing on my forehead, chest and arms. Nothing worked. I eventually was prescribed oral steroids and my doctor talked to me about a histamine free diet. I thought that histamines were simply things found in the air. I was surprised to find that as with an eczema diet, there are things you shouldn’t eat if you want to reduce your symptom occurrences. Below are the top 10 foods to avoid for a histamine free diet!

1. Shellfish: I don’t eat anything that carries its house around with it, but if you do, you might want to avoid this portable condo.

2. Eggs: The perfect breakfast food might be causing you to rush to the store for creams for eczema or other skin conditions. Try avoiding these if they are triggering skin symptoms.

3. Strawberries: Another frequent allergy food, this fresh fruit is a tasty nugget to avoid on a histamine free diet.

4. Tomatoes: This one wouldn’t be hard if it didn’t also eliminate spaghetti and pizza. Tough as it may be, avoid them if they are making you itch.

5. Fermented Cheeses: I stick to plain old sliced squares myself, but the cheese monger in you might be causing skin irritation. Avoid Brie, Cheddar and Roquefort to name a few if you are getting welts from your fine cheese.

6. Milk: This baby bottle filler could be responsible for both eczema in babies and big people too if you like to dip your cookies in cow juice. Stay away if your cookie dunking habits are causing rashes.

7. Chocolate: Sorry, but that stress relieving morsel isn’t part of a histamine free diet if your Kit Kat Bar is causing hives or allergic reactions. Chocolate covered strawberries could mean mega danger for that matter!

8. Alcohol: It’s not great for you anyway, and overuse could give you the itchies.

9. Fermented Vegetables: Seeing a pattern? Fermentation equals scratching. Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables are a no-no if you’re trying to avoid foods that contain histamine.

10. Pineapple: Well that’s a weird one. This prickly fruit might make your skin prickle as well.

Skin irritation comes in all forms and if you can’t give up the foods you love, then speak to your doctor about topical products and medications for your condition. You might also discuss home remedies for eczema and other skin irritations that in conjunction with treatment might provide added relief. In the meantime, it’s important to reduce triggers of skin symptoms, and starting with dietary changes might point you in the right direction.