Hives Treatment For Adults – How To Get Rid of Them?

Hives Treatment For Adults

Although not life threatening, Urticaria or hives can cause a lot of discomfort and disability for people who suffer from them. Hives can be formed anywhere on the body as wheals of itchy red bumps, swellings, spots or blotches. In rare cases of severe allergic reactions, hives can be formed in the throat or the tongue making them swell, causing the air passages to close. This will result in the person having difficulty breathing and losing consciousness. In this case, hives can be life threatening if immediate medical care is not provided.

In adults, itchy hives can be caused by many factors such as food allergies, drug allergies, and environmental triggers like heat, cold, and pressure on the skin. Anti-histamines are the usual prescribed hives treatment for adults to counteract a chemical substance called histamine (causes the allergic reactions), released by mast cells as a part of immune response of the body.

Hives can also be caused by the stimulation of the mast cells through physical stimuli like a direct injury, exercise, and skin pressure. Exercise induced hives can be particularly problematic for people who lead an active lifestyle involving physical activity. Doctor will evaluate the reasons for this type of hives and might prescribe anti-histamines or other medications. Certain types of foods consumed prior to exercise can cause hives. So, eliminating those triggers can often serve as the best hives treatment for adults suffering from this type of hives.

In some people with chronic urticaria, emotional distress and stress can also be the triggers. Stress induced hives often will not respond to anti-histamines or other medication unless the trigger which is the stress is dealt with. An effective hives treatment for adults suffering from this type of hives is implementation of de-stressing techniques like meditation, tai chi or yoga into their daily routine.

Accountancy for the triggers and prevention of urticaria are the best available home remedies for hives. Adults suffering from idiopathic chronic urticaria are often suggested to consult an immunologist (a specialist in treating immune system disorders) if their condition is severe. An immunologist can evaluate the causes and suggest the best hives treatments for adults suffering from various types of hives.