Home Remedies For Psoriasis on Face and Hands – What To Use?

Home Remedies For Psoriasis

Home remedies can be hokey and downright weird, with people touting that everything from liver to breast milk can serve as home remedies for psoriasis. So how do you separate what works from the hype? Well, we’ve come up with a list of some common sense natural remedies for psoriasis that you can use at home, along with lifestyle changes that can make managing your psoriasis just a little bit easier. So before you get crazy with light therapy for psoriasis or spend hours lapping the drug store looking for coal tar psoriasis treatment, consider some of these simple, easy and often effective home remedies for psoriasis:

  • Diet: What are you eating? Sure, there is a substantial amount of controversy regarding whether or not a diet for psoriasis is effective, but there is little debate about avoiding trigger foods and incorporating potentially beneficial foods into a healthy diet. For instance, there has been a lot of buzz about the turmeric psoriasis diet, and considering its anti-inflammatory properties, it might be worth adding to your next pot of stew. It’s certainly a more appealing culinary option than…….breast milk.
  • Vaseline: Nobody likes wearing Vaseline. It’s gooey and slimy and thick and overall, not something you want to slather on your body. But as far as home remedies for psoriasis go, it’s an inexpensive solution that you probably have in your cabinet anyways. Use it at night and don gloves on your hands to keep your bed from becoming a slip and slide and you may find improved skin in the morning!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Considering that apple cider vinegar might just be the most frequently occurring entry on the list of home remedies, it’s not surprising that sufferers recommend it to relieve some of the itching that can be caused by psoriasis. Dilute with lukewarm water to help battle the scaling and itching that can be associated with psoriasis. Follow with any one of the large variety of psoriasis creams available to add some moisture afterwards.
  • Baths: Baths are a subject of controversy amongst psoriasis sufferers, but it could just be that you’re not doing it right. So how does one take a bath incorrectly when suffering from this skin condition and how are baths easy and simple home remedies for psoriasis? Having the water too hot is a big no-no. Additionally, not bathing every day is another issue. Bathing removes dead skin and can help relieve symptoms. You might also be surprised to find that plain water can be problematic for people with psoriasis. It actually can dry the skin out, so add oils or salts to create a soothing and healing bath. Additionally, don’t get too aggressive with your toweling. Gently pat dry and make sure that you follow with a moisturizer.
  • Aloe Vera: It’s no surprise that Aloe makes the list of home remedies for psoriasis, but how and what do you use? In clinical trials, creams and lotions that contained aloe vera gel proved more effective on lesions than straight Aloe vera gel, however users have reported successes with both product types. Perhaps try both options as home remedies for psoriasis. If you’ve ever had sunburn, you likely have one or the other tucked away in a cabinet anyways.
  • Sunlight: Your treatment options don’t get any cheaper or easier than catching a few rays. Sun therapy, in small doses of course, has been shown to relive some of the symptoms associated with this skin condition. Consider sitting on the porch for 15 minutes during the day a few times a week.