Homemade Body Wash – Natural Ingredients To Use!

Homemade Body Wash

If you are concerned with the chemicals that are sometimes used in soaps and other cleansers, there is a solution! You can find soap making recipes and create your own luxury soap, foaming cleanser and even homemade body wash. Organic handmade soap works just as well as designer soaps filled with harsh chemicals. You can use all natural ingredients when you make homemade body wash. Body washes are usually luxuriant products when purchased at a store, and you can make your homemade body wash feel just as silky and rich without additives that are harmful to your skin.

The first thing you will need is castile soap flakes. Olive oil is the main ingredient in castile soap, so your base with not only be natural, it will be moisturizing as well. You can even make your own castile soap flakes by making castile soap! However, castile soap can take up to 6 weeks to cure, so it might be a faster process if you purchase them. You can always purchase them from someone else who makes soap at home.

Another natural ingredient you will need is a moisturizing additive like cocoa butter or Shea butter. You can also use almond oil or avocado oil as a moisturizer if you prefer oils to the butter options. Essentials oils, such as lavender oil or jasmine oil, provide the scent, so you will want to choose a natural oil with a fragrance you prefer. And if you want to color your soap, simply select a vegetable food coloring so that you keep your homemade body wash as natural as you can. Homemade body wash is easy to make, safe to use and will keep your skin just as clean as harsher washes manufactured by larger companies.