Hot Oil Treatment For Hair Homemade Recipe

Hot Oil Treatment For Hair

Hair care is big money, and for good reason. Most of us don’t have any “laureth sulfate” lying around, meaning that for most of our day to day beauty needs, we have to rely on the professionals, and our hard earned dollars. However, when it comes to some products, like hot oil treatment for hair, you can make your own at home. This means that not only will you save money; you can fully customize your damaged hair treatment with your own scents and combinations to ensure that you are getting the best hot oil treatment for hair that works for your own needs. These tips are also useful hair breakage treatment recipes that can keep your hair from snapping like tree branches.

Sure, it’s tempting to run out and grab a tube of argan oil hair treatment, but for what? You can make a similar product in your own kitchen! One idea is to combine 4 parts olive oil with 2 parts honey and a few drops of essential oils (your choice!) into a plastic bag. You can place this bag into hot water until it is warm. Let’s be clear, it’s going on your head, you are not going for surface of the sun temperature here, you are going for “warm.” Apply the hot oil treatment for hair you just made to the palms of your hands, and apply evenly to hair. Then, use plastic wrap or a towel to condense and wrap the hair. Wait 20 minutes and then wash and rinse normally.

Another popular ingredient in damaged hair home remedies is coconut oil. You can combine a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil with a tablespoon of jojoba oil and / or olive oil in the same manner as described above. Again, let’s not be fooled by the name “hot” oil. You are looking for warm – not hot. Yes, you are using hot water to warm your oil, that doesn’t mean that your oil needs to be boiling. You can and will burn yourself if you do not take proper precautions when gently heating your oil, so be careful. If you want to add a couple of drops of peppermint oil to your mix, you can add a scalp tingling sensation that is refreshing and a soothing scent.

No matter what combination of ingredients you use in your hot oil treatment for hair, you will be able to add vital moisture and nutrients that will aid in healing. Remember to allow 20 minutes for penetration, and sitting in the bathroom with the shower running to add a little moist heat to the equation isn’t going to hurt. Repeating the process once a month for regular maintenance, or more frequently for severely damaged hair will keep your flowing locks healthy and happy.