Hot Tub Rash Treatment – What Not To Do?

Hot Tub Rash

Hot tub rash or Pseudomonas Folliculitis is caused by the infection of hair follicle with a bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa, which thrives in contaminated water. It is found in hot tubs, water slides, swimming pools etc. People can develop this trash when they bathe in the contaminated area. Hot tub rash is not a serious condition and usually resolves on its own in a few days without any need for treatment. However, if the condition persists, it’s advisable to consult a doctor.

Pseudomonas Folliculitis can appear as a rash on torso, armpits, upper arms or legs and on the swim suit covered areas. Prevention through following simple guidelines is the best solution for hot tub rash. Some of things not to do are as follows:

– The pseudomonas bacteria thrive in warm and wet places, especially in hot tubs made out of wood. When people bathe in this hot tub, develop the rash. Hence, do not bathe in tubs that are not disinfected or cleaned.

– Do not leave your swimsuit on after bathing in hot tubs or swimming pools as the swimsuits can lock the contaminated water inside for long, which will result in thicker and a more inflamed rash on the swimsuit covered skin.

– Bathing in the tubs or pools that are closed for pollution reasons will increase your chances of contracting the rash.

– Do not wear a wet or unwashed bathing suit as it can be contaminated with the bacteria.

– Bathing with a contaminated bath sponge will make the hot tub rash to appear. Therefore, you should change your bath sponges frequently.

– The activity of the bacteria increases as the disinfectant level of water decreases. Hence, the acid and chlorine levels of water should be carefully monitored. If chlorine levels increase more than optimal levels, you might end up with a chlorine rash that is similar to eczema associated with dry skin.

Hot tub rash is a common rash that is found mostly in children and young adults but people of all ages can be affected. Some of the other common skin rashes are eczema, rosacea, drug rash, warts, acne, and prickly heat rash.