How To Prevent Oily Skin Throughout The Day?

How To Prevent Oily Skin

The reality of how long a day can be can show in your eyes and on your face. If you have oily skin, you know it won’t wait until you can get home to wash up. Here are some tips on how to prevent oily skin during the day and fend off mini attacks of facial salad dressing.

Choosing the right oily skin care products is the first step to controlling oil all day long. You can’t use a masque for a touch up when you notice the tip of your nose shining brighter than neon lights, but if you use a masque regularly, it can prevent and control oily for a few days. A lot of oily skin remedies far outlive their usefulness in the bathroom and provide lasting effects for days after use or application. Masques and exfoliants fall into this category.

Have you ever blotted your face when it felt so moist you thought you could invent self contained condensation? They make papers for that. Blotting papers are small pieces of absorbent material that soak up the extra gunk on your face. They aren’t medicated or treated; they are just like toilet paper, without the weird scraps left behind. While these are not a great example of how to prevent oily skin, they are a true testament to how quickly and easily it can be remedied with the right tools on hand.

Since touching your own face and potentially oily hair can keep reapplying your facial lubricant all day long, you need to stop touching your face and playing with your hair. This is a great example of how to prevent oily skin during the day – by not reapplying it!

Oil free makeup might not do much to prevent oily skin after a long day but if you’re wondering how to stop oily skin, it’s a major factor. Finding water based make up that works with your complexion is a great way to keep a matte look all day.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to skincare, and if you are wondering how to stop oily skin dead in its tracks and prevent it all day, start in your own bathroom and examine your own skin care regimen, and talk with your dermatologist for more tips on keeping your face out of the lip gloss competition.