How To Prevent Stretch Marks From Getting Worse?

How To Prevent Stretch Marks

So, you have developed some stretch marks. It’s likely that if you have them, then your mom or dad did too. While they aren’t necessarily hereditary, genetically, you’re more predisposed to get them if your parents had them. This can make figuring out how to prevent stretch marks from coming (and getting worse) a high priority for you, as getting rid of them is almost impossible. Once you have them, treating them in the early stages is the best method for figuring out how to prevent stretch marks from getting worse, and there are many easy and inexpensive methods that you can employ to do so.

Think about how you got your stretch marks. Was it a result of a pregnancy? Well, there isn’t much you can do about that. Was it from drastic weight changes? Well, there is something you can do about that. Stretch makes are caused from stretching of the secondary layer of the dermis. When this happens very quickly, this stretching can lead to tearing and that can create the unsightly marks. If you’re dieting, one method for how to prevent stretch marks and prevent them from getting worse is to ensure that your weight fluctuations are more gradual. While dropping weight rapidly can be great for some things, it can wreak havoc on your skin.

You also don’t need to give up the fight. Just because you have a stretch mark or two doesn’t mean that they are done changing in appearance. You can prevent them from getting worse. Consider shea butter stretch marks therapy. Your skin needs to be moist and supple to resist tearing and stretching, and applying lotions containing shea butter three or four times daily can help keep your skin healthy and more resistant to stretching by making it more pliable. Cocoa butter stretch marks therapy works in the same way. Massaging the skin while applying these types of moisturizers will help your skin better absorb the nutrients that you are providing and it will also help increase circulation in the skin, which can help your skin combat changes. You may also want to think about what you’re taking internally if you’re wondering how to prevent stretch marks from getting worse. It’s been suggested that a vitamin c supplement can really benefit the skin and stimulate collagen production that might improve the appearance of marks and prevent them from getting worse.

More potent options exist if your standard moisturizing creams and lotions aren’t doing the trick. For instance, Mederma stretch mark therapy fights the stretch marks that you have and reduces their appearance while also maintaining the status quo, and keeping the ones you have from getting worse. There are also products like revitol stretch mark cream that you can consider as well. It’s wise to talk to your dermatologist about these products before use and also about the condition of your skin in general. He or she may have suggestions that might be useful for you about how to prevent stretch marks from getting worse that are tailored to your skin’s condition, the cause of the marks, and your skin type. Since everyone responds to therapies differently, one visit might help you understand the changes in your skin and how to prevent stretch marks in the future, and a worsening of the ones that you already have.