How To Remove Plantar Warts Safely?

How To Remove Plantar Warts

The very moment we see a brownish, rough, bumpy, seedy wart appear on our foot (or anywhere else for that matter) we immediately try to figure out how to remove it. And who wouldn’t? The virus that sprouts them in the first place is contagious and everyone shares the same fear, where there is one, there will be more. There are many things to consider for how to remove plantar warts, and it’s possible that with the right combination of physician intervention, coupled with home remedies for plantar warts, you can get rid of those things in no time.

Thankfully, warts and cockroaches have less in common than you think, and while they are contagious (virus from one person passing to another via an open wound for instance) you aren’t creating instant witches by walking down the street and breathing on people with your wart breath. When trying to figure out how to remove plantar warts safely, the first thing you need to think about is how much time you have.

Removing plantar warts almost always takes time, much to the chagrin of many wart possessors. Everything from over the counter remedies to cryonics can take multiple treatments. Laser wart removal and surgical removal might be the only “instant” fixes, while most other treatments tend to take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. If you’re not in that big of a hurry, you can opt for some other medical procedures that can be discussed with your doctor including “freezing” the wart away. This procedure creates a blister around and under the wart, making it easily removable, but may take a couple treatments to actually eliminate a wart.

Wondering how to remove plantar warts on a tight budget while trying to save a trip to the doctor? Try salicylic acid, warts worst nightmare, available at your local drugstore or the grocery store. This product doesn’t work all the time every time, but is an expensive option if you have the time and patience for a multi week battle with your newfound friend.

Determining how to remove plantar warts mostly depends on your personal situation and how you would best like to handle dealing with your condition. Plantar warts can be painful, and may be more important to you to have removed than say a common wart on your thumb. Even if you prefer to use at home remedies, a consultation with your doctor is never a bad idea.