How To Stop Sweaty Palms?

Sweaty Palms

Having a hard time gripping your pencil on test day with your sweaty palms? Sweating is normal in stressful situations, but some people experience it randomly. Excessive sweating treatment options vary from minor over the counter remedies to injection treatments. Finding the right options for you will take diligence and a consultation with a physician if you have excessive sweating issues.

The simplest and easiest way to stop sweaty hands is good old fashioned powder. Cornstarch or talcum powder are both great options and you can even find over the counter products that are medicated to reduce other symptoms such as itching. Sweaty palms can also be tackled with over the counter medications made specifically for palms and feet, in the form of aluminum salt based antiperspirants. Keep your sweaty palms dry periodically throughout the day by using a hand towel when they start to feel like you just dipped them into a lukewarm bath. Applying anything with aluminum chloride in it should also yield positive results. Aluminum Chloride is the active ingredient in most deodorants which means that even if you’re out of talcum powder, a quick rub down with your (or your significant other’s) deodorant should afford you some protection from sweaty palms throughout the day.

If you’re finding that you are not able to get relief from over the counter remedies, a visit to your health care provider might be in order. They are used to the question “why do I sweat so much?” They are prepared to discuss treatment options with you. Your doctor may discuss several treatment options and other ideas to explore as a sweaty palms cure. These may include prescription medications, minor surgeries, or even injections. You may also discuss with them electrical current based treatments. Your physician will be able to determine the best course of treatment for you after evaluating your specific symptoms.

Remember, sweaty palms and sweating in general when you are nervous is perfectly normal. If you feel that your sweating is above average, try some at home ideas first. If you are unsuccessful, see a doctor to alleviate your issues and allow you to maintain confidence in social situations, even stressful ones.