Hydroquinone Cream Review

Hydroquinone Cream

Hydroquinone cream is a cream that is prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist. It is essentially a bleaching cream for dark spots. It is used in many cases of skin discoloration such as liver spots on hands or age spots. While there are many funny names given to the brown and gray circles and ovals that appear on the skin’s surface, the majority of them are caused by sun damage. Age spots on legs for instance, aren’t caused from having well-aged legs, they are from many years of accumulated sun damage.

While hydroquinone cream is known as a “skin bleacher” this doesn’t mean that it has bleach in it. It means that it basically works in the same way, or, sort of. While the bleach that ruins the accidental blue t-shirt that got thrown in the washer does so by removing the dyes and pigments in the garment, skin bleaching works by shutting down a reaction that occurs within skin cells.

Users of the prescription medicine have great things to say about hydroquinone cream. Many users start to see results within just a couple of weeks, with full results a few short weeks later. It is worth noting however, that some users report some longer waits for results on the facial regions. This doesn’t mean that the product is less effective on the face; it’s more likely that the mug just simply has more sun damage. If you consider which area of your body is most often exposed to the sun, it’s the face. For people who have tried over the counter treatments and age spots home remedies such as apple cider vinegar and aloe vera and found less than remarkable results, this cream may be just the ticket.

No product is perfect of course, and neither is this one; for instance, a large majority of users report a less than fragrant aroma from some brands of hydroquinone cream. Additionally, as with anything that you apply to the skin, irritation is a possibility. This is why it’s important to “spot” test your “spot” remover on a “spot” that isn’t easily “spotted”, that is, somewhere that is clean, unbroken, and invisible to other people in the event that you experience an adverse reaction. With proper medical care however, along with patience, and good following of directions, you will likely see positive results with the use of this prescription medication. Talk to your doctor to see if it’s right for you.