I Have A Chlorine Rash – What Remedies Can I Use?

Chlorine Rash

Cooling off in a clear and cold swimming pool on a hot day can be enormously refreshing. And, sitting in a just over one hundred degrees warm hot tub with friends on a brisk night can be equally enjoyable. However, for people whose skin does not tolerate chlorine well, the end result can be a chlorine rash. For most sufferers, there are no symptoms of a common chlorine rash until they have stepped out of the offending body of water. At that point, typically a rash on torso and chest areas is the most apparent symptom. Shortly after you may experience intense itching that is frequently associated with common skin rashes. Because the source of your discomfort is apparent, you may be wondering what simple solutions you can employ to manage your pool or hot tub rash, and we have some simple remedies that you can use at home to help quickly soothe your skin and relieve some of your symptoms.

While you may be freezing cold after exiting a body of water, ice cubes can provide a tremendous amount of relief, specifically of itchiness, to a chlorine rash. The cooling cubes are also incredibly helpful for relieving the swelling and inflammation that can also occur and, depending on the extent of your condition, (for instance rashes on legs as well as the trunk are more extreme) you may even consider a bathtub full of ice for treatment. For smaller areas or those that do not cover large areas of the body, you can use large Ziploc bags filled with ice and wrapped in a washcloth or towel to secure on the body. Another common home remedy for a chlorine rash is a simple, however, thoroughly effective solution that you may not have thought of. A baking soda bath and a twenty five minute soak can work wonders on your irritated skin and help reduce inflammation and itching. To employ this method, add ½ cup of baking soda to a full bathtub at a temperature to your liking. Mix the baking soda into the water, allowing it to completely dissolve before jumping in. Relax for around half an hour, and then drain the tub, but, don’t go anywhere! You will want a thorough rinse before exiting unless you want your skin to feel like chalk the remainder of the day. For itch relief only, you can try scrubs of multiple kinds. Consider both sugar and almond oil or sugar and olive oil. Both of these concoctions can be left to sit on a chlorine rash for a few minutes before being gently scrubbed and rinsed off in the shower. Most scrub based recipes call for ½ cup of white sugar mixed with your choice of oil or essential oil, however make sure to choose ingredients that will not further irritate your skin.

Regardless of which manner you choose to banish your chlorine rash, getting out of the pool or hot tub is the first step to recovery. From there, you can elect any one of multiple methods for dealing with itchiness and redness, but no matter which you select, follow with a non irritating moisturizer and a lot of TLC.