I Have Dry Itchy Skin On Face – Which Foods To Avoid?

Dry Itchy Skin

If you have dry itchy skin that is chronic and not just something that pops around when the snow flies, you may be wondering if your diet is contributing to your condition. Probably not. There is not a single food, or particular group of foods, responsible for bad skin, a single item that is an exclusive perpetrator on the list of causes of itchy skin. It’s mostly genetics, hormones, and daily skin care. However, there are some foods you can avoid if you would like to keep your itchy skin under control.

So which foods should you avoid to keep your dry itchy skin at bay? Fats for one, specifically omega -6 fatty acids are notorious for your skin troubles. Rather than go through a list of things with omega-6 fatty acids in them, you can just say “fried food” as vegetable oils are high in omega-6 fats. So is safflower oil, but when is the last time you fried something in a big vat of safflower oil? Also avoid trans fats. There you go, another reason trans fats are awful for you, they contribute to your dry itchy skin. But how are fried foods and beloved by products of animal fat giving people itchy skin rash, which translates into Inflammation? All of this lard-fried-in-lard can trigger inflammatory responses in the skin and worsen existing skin conditions.

Got everything from an itchy back to itchy eyelids? Been to a spaghetti dinner lately? Eating a lot of carbohydrates can create a chain reaction that causes a sharp rise in insulin and occasionally creates ideal conditions for inflammation. Carbohydrates shouldn’t be avoided entirely of course, but limiting the intake of over processed carbs such as white bread, and items that fall in the top of the food pyramid (don’t act like you don’t remember it) are unwise choices for skin health.

Along with an avoidance of foods you are allergic to (adding an allergic reaction to dry itchy skin is most likely a terrible idea) you can also add a few foods to help generate healthy responses to inflammatory triggers. Antioxidant rich foods are ideal to improve the condition of your skin along with the Omega-3 abundant fish.

Healthy foods may taste worse than their fried-butter-on-a-stick counterparts, but choosing healthy foods does not only benefit you internally. By selecting foods that encourage healthy insides, healthy insides are not only easier to achieve, but also easier to maintain. If you are still concerned about your itchy skin, it is imperative to schedule an appointment with your health care provider.