Insect Bite Treatment – What Is The Most Effective Remedy?

Insect Bite Treatment

Let’s face it. When it comes to insect bite treatment, we all have one thing we are seeking: itch relief. The redness and bumps can be a nuisance, but for most people, an absence of infection and a curative scab are signs of healing that most of us accept as case closed. Getting the bite cleaned with soap and water, and applying an effective antiseptic are important components of everything from spider bites treatment to the dreaded, disgusting bed bug bites treatment. But, no matter what kind of bite you’re dealing with, it’s probably itching. That’s because little nasties like to take a meal from us, but don’t want to leave without paying the check. So, they either leave a local anesthetic, so we “don’t feel a thing” or a smidgen of their own weak venom cocktail. No matter what they left where their proverbial dinner plate was; it’s probably itchy.

Effective remedy options for itchy insect bite treatment are plentiful. Likely you have been coated in a baking soda and water paste following a bee sting. Some people use honey because of its antiseptic properties (news flash, bugs dig honey – you just turned your bite into a neon sign). Some people use bananas (another bug gourmet menu item.) Some people use Aloe, which is cooling, soothing and effective, and others prefer basil as mosquitoes seem to dislike it. All of this food however is like turning your body into a bug buffet. When you’re itching, employ a 2 step method as the best solution for everything from flea bites treatment to a nasty bee sting.

Start with a good cleanse as the basis for your insect bite treatment. Soap and water are all you need. Add an antiseptic during this step if you like. Some rubbing alcohol or witch hazel will add another layer of infection protection. The last step to spider, flea, bee, bed bugs, mosquito and gnat bites treatment is to stop the itch. You do not need to do this with food products. Medicated hydrocortisone creams are inexpensive and readily available, and you can pick up one tube that will likely handle an entire season of beasties. Fresh out? Grab that tube of preparation H in the cabinet! (And you thought it was only for your butt.) Anti itch ointments and medications are normally very capable of relieving itch. If you want to keep yourself from scratching, but don’t want a band aid on your forehead or other conspicuous bite spot, a piece of clear tape over a clean, and ointment lathered bite will suffice just fine as an effective insect bite treatment.