Is Plantar Warts Duct Tape Method A Scam?

Plantar Warts Duct Tape

With new wart removal products popping up every day most people have a hard time determining what is and is not really effective. One of the most controversial treatments amongst home remedies for wart removal is plantar warts duct tape method, which is the most common product of choice.

Compared in effectiveness to cryotherapy, plantar warts duct tape treatment in its initial tests seemed to yield very positive results. The thought was that the tape staying on the wart for long periods of time irritated the area so much that the body responded with an onslaught of attacks via immune system. Later research would contradict the findings therefore ending back up at square one.

Still, questioning the evidence hasn’t kept everyone from jumping on the plantar warts duct tape treatment wagon. It has also been suggested that duct tape itself is not even the necessary ingredient, and that any type of tape is adequate for use. Based on the logic behind how plantar warts duct tape treatment supposedly works, this would seem feasible.

The actual process of removing warts with tape is quite simple and painless. It is a remedy that is well received by anyone with a wart looking for a treatment that doesn’t involve multiple treatments in a doctor’s office, and is inexpensive. The process of treating warts with tape, as has been suggested, by covering the warts with a few layers of tape, wrapping the tape tight enough to be secure, but not enough to be uncomfortable. The tape should remain on for several days before being left off for half a day or so. The theory suggests that this treatment be repeated 3 or 4 times as needed to see results.

The numbers of methods of how to remove plantar warts are plentiful, but as with any other medical condition, the following things should be considered. Therapy effectiveness levels vary between people. What works very well for one person may be substantially less effective in another. While this doesn’t mean the treatment works or does not work, it means you should be aware that with tape, or any other therapy, natural variances are going to occur. Additionally, seeing a physician is most important if you have warts that are causing you concern that you don’t feel comfortable seeking remedies on your own for.