Is Tea Tree Oil Nail Fungus Treatment Effective?

Tea Tree Oil Nail Fungus

Oh tea tree oil, you have been touted as a remedy for everything. Are you achievements credible? Or are you just another folksie, alternative remedy that leaves people’s wallets lighter and conditions intact? Do you belong on a shelf next to Windex and peeled potatoes in the failed home remedy hall of fame?

As the question of how to treat nail fungus is usually answered by a yearlong anti fungal medical treatment plan, it is unlikely that a large group of scientists are prepared to monitor a large group of fungus infected people for that long to see if tea tree oil nail fungus therapy is legitimate, when anti-fungal medications are readily available. Any information regarding tea tree oil nail fungus treatment is from users, believers in the natural antiseptic healing power of the famous tree’s oil.

Long hailed as a natural nail fungus treatment, tea tree oil is believed to work because of the presence of terpinen-4-ol, a compound that has been proven to be an antiseptic and anti fungal component. Its anti fungal properties explain why many have determined it to be a heavy hitter on the list of home remedies for nail fungus. While there is no question that tea tree oil contains the properties necessary to battle infection and fungus, there is little to prove that amongst nail fungus treatments, that medical treatment from a health care professional is less effective than nail fungus home remedy options.

Tea tree oil nail fungus remedy options exist largely in the health food and holistic healing industries. This makes it a great option for people who shun conventional medical wisdom or prefer natural healing alternatives to traditional medical care. There is substantial evidence to back natural healing remedies as effective or potential treatment options, but rarely, as in the case of the tea tree oil nail fungus remedy, any credible evidence showing it as a superior treatment option to commercially available anti fungal medications.

There are many cases of people who have had great success with tea tree oil as a fungus treatment, but there are no studies in existence showing it to be any more effective than what care your doctor will provide. If you are looking for a home remedy for nail fungus, tea tree oil may be your best option, but is no substitute for medical care, diagnosis, and treatment.