Is Wart Removal Freeze Spray Really Working?

Wart Removal Freeze Spray

Wart removal freeze spray, although a form of cryotherapy, is different from what is encountered in a doctor’s office. It is a quick, go-to remedy when people are faced with how to remove plantar warts and other common warts. Are the differences between the at home version and what is done in a doctor’s office different? Yes. Are the results noticeable? Well, let’s examine that.

In a doctor’s office, your warts are treated using liquid nitrogen. This is the ultimate wart removal freeze weapon in all of frozen, anti-wart arsenal. Liquid nitrogen is the same stuff dry ice is made of and the same stuff that the chef’s on Food Network play with to show off their awesomeness. Plantar warts on hands and feet, common warts, and flat warts don’t stand a chance against its polar fury. But, somehow, it can still take multiple treatments for complete wart removal freeze therapy in a doctor’s office which is normally extremely effective, but very costly.

Freezing warts works by essentially killing the grotesque little growth that has decided to call your body its home. The treatment creates a blister underneath and around eliminating the possibility for sustenance and about a week after one or more effective treatments the lesion will simply disappear.
Wart removal freeze procedures at home, although using different products, work in almost exactly the same manner. While the rate of success is lower and the treatment period may be higher, many people have great luck using at home freezing treatments over other wart removal products.

No matter which treatments options you go for, talk to your doctor about your specific skin condition and treatments options. And remember, home remedies and over the counter medications might not work immediately, but if you have the patience to give them a little bit of time to work; you could potentially save a lot of money. Weighing the factors that are most important to you are going to help you decide what option makes the most sense in your specific case.