Itchy Eyelids Causes And Treatment

Itchy Eyelids

The possible causes for itchy eyelids are numerous, and so are the possible treatments. Conditions that can cause your eyelids to itch can range from very mild to very severe, and it can be difficult to locate the exact cause and effective treatment without some trial and error. Makeup allergies are common, and this can cause your eyelid to itch intensely. If this is the problem then a switch to hypoallergenic eye makeup will usually be the only treatment needed. Another cause of itchy eyelids is conjunctivitis, which is an inflammation and infection of certain tissues of your eye. This can cause itching, as well as redness, swelling, and even drainage from the affected eye. Medicated eye drops and antibacterial ointments for your eye may be prescribed to treat this problem.

Blepharitis is one of the most common causes of itchy skin on your eyelid, and almost everyone will experience this problem at some point in life. For some this condition is a repeat and chronic problem, while others may only have it once or twice. The eyelid becomes inflamed, usually because of an allergy, a clogged oil gland, dry skin buildup, a bacterial infection, or even an excessive reaction from your immune system. This can cause itchy eyelids, redness and tenderness in the area, and areas of skin that are dry and flake off. Because Blepharitis causes very itchy skin a common response is to rub the eye, but this will cause more irritation and make your symptoms worse. Treatment can range from none at all to medications including antibiotics, but the most important step is to keep the eyelid area clean at all time and to practice good eye hygiene.

Allergies to ingredients in personal hygiene products are another frequent cause of itchy eyelids, especially if the itch occurs after bathing or taking a shower. Soaps and shampoos can have irritating ingredients which dry out your skin, and even a slight allergy to one of these components can cause severe itching. For most areas of your body you can use an anti itch lotion, but you must use extreme caution when it comes to your eye area and should never use anything unless directed to by your doctor. Any irritation or redness that does not go away within a few days should be evaluated by a physician.