Itchy Skin All Over – How To Make It Stop Fast?

Itchy Skin All Over

Scratching, scratching, scratching – never seems to be effective enough to fully stop your itching. No matter what the cause of your itchy skin all over, you want it to stop fast. Thankfully, there are a lot of products and solutions to help you.

It’s important to try to determine what the source of your incessant itching is. Did you have an argument with a wild shrub and end up with poison ivy? Do you have eczema or another skin condition that you are having symptoms from? Did you recently become a mosquito buffet at a campground? Do you have seasonal dry skin from winter weather? Are you allergic to the new dryer sheet ball your roomie just had to have? No matter the cause, there are a few things you can try to bring some relief from your itchy skin or itchy skin rash. Remember, medical conditions however, are best left treated by medical professionals and while over the counter remedies and home therapy may bring symptom relief, it is no substitute for professional medical advice.

If you have ever had itchy hands and feet before (and who hasn’t) you probably have a tube of hydrocortisone cream lying around. Hydrocortisone cream works great on itchy skin all over and is an awesome multi use product. While not ideal in all cases (Calamine is substantially better for poison ivy for instance), hydrocortisone cream does a pretty good job of relieving the symptoms associated with most itch.

Showering is quite the enigma because while it can be a source of relief from itching, it can also be the source of itchy skin all over. Hugely important, showering can be both a blessing and a curse while trying to relieve itchy skin. Itchy skin after shower results from the removal of oils from the body’s surface, and if depleted and not replaced by a moisturizing product, you can be left with very itchy skin at night, or all day long. Conversely, showering can greatly reduce the itchiness associated with skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis and prove comforting. Showers, and shower often, but moisturize immediately following.

When plagued with itchy skin all over, most people look for anything (or anyone) to scratch it with. Identifying the source of your itching skin and removing the triggers or treating the underlying problems will not only provide you with itch relief in the immediate, it will help to keep you itch free in the future.